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DIY Super-Aerodynamic Modified Honda 125cc Motorbike

By Ben on Thu Jan 28 2010
DIY SuperAerodynamic Modified Honda 125cc

DIY SuperAerodynamic Modified Honda 125cc

DIY SuperAerodynamic Modified Honda 125cc
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Allert Jacob has turned his 100+ MPG(miles per gallon) Honda(Honda ANF125i Innova, picture below) into a 200+ MPG low-CD streamliner. Wow! Despite the modifications an extra 88lbs to the bike, it it still manages to eke out more miles per gallon, cool!
"The modified motorbike weights 319lbs (about 88lbs more than the standard bike). The engine is a fuel injected, four stroke, 125cc single, producing 9 hp (6.85 kW). A realistic figure of real-world MPG for the unmodified bike is around 114 MPG (though Allert got a 133 MPG average while babying it).
The modified bike, despite weighting 88lbs more than the unmodified version, gets over 200 MPG in real world driving (214 MPG during a trip in rather cold and windy weather, but more is expected in better conditions). This shows how important aerodynamics is for fuel economy. Sometimes it can be better to add a bit of weight if it's going to make the vehicle more slippery (and the benefits can be compounded by using taller gearing in the transmission; since you need less energy to push against air resistance, you can use gears that keep the engine at a lower RPM). "

Via ubergizmo, treehugger