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Custom Star Wars Clock

By Ben on Fri Jan 2 2009
Custom Star Wars Clock
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It is a perfect gift for the Star Wars fan. These Star Wars Starships and Fighters Clocks($90) created by Etsy seller YOUgNeek. This unique clock features chrome Sterling clock with 12 vintage Action Fleet Micro Machine battleships and vessels. They are finished in a pewter color. If you have some favorite ships or vehicles in mind, YOU gNeek even can include them in your clock if they're currently in stock.
12 o'clock Star Destroyer
1 o'clock TIE Interceptor
2 o'clock Darth Vader's Tie Fighter
3 o'clock Jabba's Barge
4 o'clock Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car
5 o'clock Y-Wing Fighter
6 o'clock Super Star Destroyer
7 o'clock Rebel Blockade Runner
8 o'clock TIE Bomber
9 o'clock X-Wing Fighter
10 o'clock Rebel Snowspeeder
11 o'clock A-Wing Starfigher
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