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    Custom Birch Plywood Headphones

    Custom Birch Plywood Headphones
    These custom birch plywood headphones, created by Nico Monterosso, with custom fabric and aluminium on the outside of the earcups. Unfortunately they already be sold, but you may can contact the Etsy seller. 
    "Pick from 11 options:
    1. Blue fabric
    2. Yellow Fabric
    3. Black + White Gingham
    4. Yellow and White Gingham
    5. Pink, Blue + Yellow Floral Pattern
    6. Blue + White Floral Pattern
    7. Solid Lime wood with 'LEFT' + 'RIGHT' laser engraved onto it, finished with a layer of clear lacquer
    8. 'Old Man tweed Jacket' style fabric
    9. Your own image to transfer onto solid lime wood (must be 35mm radius circle, or 35mm x 35mm square. You can email me your image.
    10. Your own pattern, to be mailed to me (must be two 45mm x 45mm squares)
    11. Mix and match
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    By Ben on Thu Jul 14 2011
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