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Curly Cable for iPad and iPhone

By Ben on Mon Dec 5 2011
Curly Cable for iPad and iPhone
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It's a Kickstarter project already funded at three times the level required to move into production — with 54 days to go.
From the Kickstarter website:
"Curly Cable
This project is dedicated to all very intense iPad and iPhone users.
At the end of the day we always run out of batteries — and that's when we need more to use our iDevices.
But — common recharging cables are VERY SHORT and they make the use of the iPad and iPhone very uncomfortable.
That's why we propose to you the Curly Cable: an extendible spring cable that allows you to keep using your devices — in a comfortable way.
The Curly Cable never tangles and extends from 8 inches to 70 inches (20cm to 180cm).
Curly Cable is long enough to let you relax on a couch and:
• watch an entire movie (without draining the batteries)
• play your favorite video game nonstop
• talk for hours to your friends
• surf the web all night "
$15 gets you one once they start churning them out.