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  • Chocolate Nike Sneaker by +41

    By Ben on Sun Aug 3 2008
    Chocolate Nike Sneaker
    Body  |  Food
    +41 created these delicious miniature milk and chocolate shoes for the 25th anniversary of Nike's Air Force 1. +41 designed the large versions of the AF1 in dark and white chocolate, they look cool! You can check out the milk and white chocolate shoes pack and the mini choco sneakers pack. The miniature milk and white chocolate pack(Pic check out more) included 3 boxes (1 pair per box) price, which includes shipping, is 30 , buy them here. The mini choco sneakers pack(Pic check out more) included 3 boxs, one each of Dunks, 1 Trainers and Blazers, buy from here.

    Via ifitshipitshere