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Caballero's $12,000 Bulletproof Polo Shirt

By Ben on Fri Oct 10 2008
Bulletproof Polo Shirt
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If the bulletproof handkerchief can not protect you, now you can wear a bulletproof Polo. The $12,000 anti-ballistic polo shirt made of ultra-lightweight bulletproof fabric by Colombian designer Miguel Caballero. Caballero called it the "Armani of armor". When you wear it, you will look like wear a regular Polo shirt. The polo-shirt is able to resist bullet-fire ranging from a 9mm pistol to an Uzi submachine gun. Even if the 600 rounds-per-minute Uzi only hits your Polo covered torso, you're gonna end up so bruised you'll look like one of those purple Ribena berries. This bulletproof Polo shirt is a part of his "Black Collection" line. Now available from Harrod's of London. I think the Obama will like it.
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