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    Automatic PokerMate Tables
    Gear  /  Gaming
    We have seen a Touch Screen Poker Table, today you will see another automated poker table from Amaya Gaming Group. This Amaya Automatic PokerMate Tables($TBD) available in 6, 8 or 10 seat models. It can distributes cards, splits pots, calculates side pots, payouts and rake without error. PokerMate's center view screen show players everything(Community cards, Pot amounts, Chip stacks , Player commitment , Winning hands and Payout amounts ). Player screens are touch-sensitive for easy viewing. Players can fold, check, post blinds, raise or call during the course of a game, all with a simple touch. Players can also auto-post blinds and select their language of choice. No word for pricing. And you had better buy a backup power for it!
    Source /   |   Price: $TBD   |   BUY By Ben on Thu Jul 3 2008
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