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    Armadillo Aerospace Fishbowl Spaceship
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    The Armadillo Aerospace is a company in New Mexico, they plan to send this space tourist fishbowl into the sky in 2010. really? According the Newscientist, the state of New Mexico hopes to collaborate with Armadillo Aerospace to create suborbital vehicles for space tourists. This Fishbowl Spaceship concept, which will afford passengers a 360กใ view of space. Armadillo Aerospace plans to build an initial prototype of the vehicle in 2009 and is aiming for crewed suborbital flights in 2010. The reusable vehicles will take off vertically from Spaceport America near Las Cruces, New Mexico. The ships can take two passengers at a time, and tickets will cost an estimated $100,000. Check out you can see more pictures and a video of testing the concept prototype.

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    / Source / By Ben on Mon Oct 27 2008
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