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    A Single Life

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    In this Oscar-nominated short, a mysterious vinyl record suddenly allows Pia to travel through time.
    "The origin for the film dates back to 2001, when creators Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, and Marieke Blaauw were sitting in a dorm room at The Design Academy in Eidhovenm listening to an ABBA record. As the vinyl skipped they entertained a bizarre idea — had the record skipped forward, or had they in fact traveled through time? Nearly a decade later, they revisited this idea for a short film competition. 'What if you could skip through time using a vinyl record,' wondered the trio, and 'what would this power do to you?'"


    By Ben on Sun Jul 16 2017
    Conan O Brien s Wonder Woman ComicCon Cold
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    The High Cost Of Free Parking
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    North Korean Auto Dealership
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    A Real Person Named Mahk Is Inserted Into a Commercial for the 2017 Buick
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    A Floating Dock in the Middle of an Ocean Surf Break Making It Easier for Surfers to Catch
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    Gallant Dog Leads His Human to a Box of Abandoned Kittens Whom He Now
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    Dog finds abandoned kittens and becomes the perfect foster dad
    I Can t Show You How Pink This Pink Is
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    How Does Caffeine Keep Us Awake
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    An Ode To Love  A Short Film by Matthew Darragh
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    Kids Describe Their Dream Job to an Illustrator
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    "I want to be a Pokemon trainer and catch potatoes."
    Improv Everywhere s 14th Annual Mp3 Experiment
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    33 Fascinating Facts About Famous Landmarks
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    Microwaving an Airbag in Slow Motion
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    Microwaving an Airbag in Slow Motion. Don't Try at home.
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