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    ADzero Bamboo Phone
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    A British university student has designed a phone that uses a bamboo exterior. The Bamboo phone is called ADzero, it’s an Android smartphone made out of bambo and was designed by 23 year-old Middlesex University student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse. You can see more of the ADzero in the gallery below, as well as a video with Woodhouse showing off the smartphone. As of right now there are no details on the hardware that’s running in this gorgeous looking device but it’s “approximately half the weight of an Apple iPhone, while boasting a larger screen.” The hardware is accompanied by a unibody design crafted out of a single piece of four-year old organic bamboo.

    ADzero got its start as a project by Middlesex University design student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse. When investors got a look at the concept device, they created a start-up to develop and market it, and Woodhouse and a team of engineers have been hard at work on the retail product ever sense. They’ve been making waves in the local tech and design communities. Initially planned for a release in China, AD now hopes to market it in boutique shops in the United Kingdom as well.

    Via dvice, mdx / By Ben on Mon Feb 6 2012
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