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AA jetpack

By Ben on Thu Apr 1 2010
AA jetpack

AA jetpack
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AA Rocketmen is the latest launch of the breakdown rescue service and is a rapid response to take you out of the difficult situation. The Rocketmen will use lightweight jet-packs to hover over traffic jams and will reach out to the stranded motorist in need of help.
Made of lightweight carbon fiber tools, AA jetpack,  have a top speed of 100km/h and weight 113kg. It will use Satellite services of Trafficmaster for better navigation and requires no license to fly it. This jetpack with hand controls has a £42,000 each. A parachute is packed for emergencies
The AA jetpack specification:
Top speed 100kph (60mph)
Weight 113kg (250lb)
No pilot's licence required due to light weight
Hand controls
Satellite Navigation provided by Trafficmaster
Lightweight carbon fibre tools
£42,000 cost per unit

Via AutoMotto, dailymail