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    $50k Leica M9-P White Limited Edition Camera

    50k Leica M9P White Limited Edition Camera
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    Leica unveil a  limited edition model, the M9-P white limited edition , priced at $50,000 USD!  This model was introduced back in 2012. Here is some additional information:
    In 2012, Leica Camera released the Leica M9-P White Edition Set. Limited to 50 pieces, the set was only sold in Japan and never officially exported to other markets. Included in the set is a Leica M9-P in silver chrome with white leather and a white script engraving on the top plate, a silver chrome Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH (not to be confused with the currently sold silver anodized version, the silver chrome lens in this set is made from brass), a white leather lens pouch and a white leather neck strap.
    The combination of the silver chrome camera and lens is stunning in person, and the white leather with white engraving adds an additional “wow” factor. The camera’s body cap, lens front cap and rear cap are also all in metal to match the camera and lens.
    This is the only way to secure an M9-P in white leather, and one of the only ways to have a Noctilux in true silver chrome with brass construction, unlike the silver anodized version currently produced which is aluminum.
    This particular set comes with a matching spare metal lens cap for the Noctilux that is brand new, because one cap has a small nick in the finish.
    Set includes: M9-P camera, metal body cap, Noctilux lens, silver front (with a brand new second spare cap) and rear lens caps, white leather lens case, white leather neck strap, Leica battery, battery charger with US, EU and DC cables, USB cable, instruction manuals, test certificates, warranty cards, Leica certificate of authenticity, and original box with packaging.
    The camera and lens in this set are in mint condition with no signs of use or wear. They do not have any marks, dents, scuffs, scratches, dust or haze.
    The camera has only 360 shots on the shutter.
    M9-P Serial Number: 4420896
    Noctilux Serial Number: 4170681
    Set Edition Number: 23 out of 50
    Leica Product Code for Set: 10790

    By Ben on Fri Jan 29 2016
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