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    1989 Batmobile Replica

    1989 Batmobile Replica
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    This is not first time we've seen the Batmobile replicas. "Seller states this is an exact recreation of the 1989 batmobile." This replica, powered by a small block 350 Chevrolet V8 engine, equipped with a custom-made tube chassis, the flame throwing afterburner, a full air suspension to maneuver bumps and 50 cal machine guns.
    "This stealth crime fighter has a small block 350 Chevy engine with an automatic transmission riding on a custom tube chassis this batmobile replica is a driver with working head and tail lights. Its interior is as well true to the movie down to every detail with leather seats, all leather dash and trim it also is equipped with aircraft gauges and instrumentation it was built by the prominent batmobile replica builder with all high quality parts and fabricated to handle the open road that's right this car is a driver built for go as well as show. "
    Kruse International will auction it in Las Vegas on March 20-21.

    Source /   |   Price: $TBA   |   BUY By Ben on Mon Mar 16 2009
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